Italy — Setting the scene for the online-gambling regulated market

The Italian Parliament has finally started the voting process on a bill defining the key pillars for the reorganization of the gambling sector, which will be implemented by the government via subsequent decrees. Since gambling is a state-reserved activity, one of these key pillars is the concession model for the gambling offer, together with the … Read more

Fixed-odds betting regulation enhanced to international standards

The long-awaited Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance’s decree, enhancing the fixed-odds betting regulation to international standards, has finally been published in the Official Journal and will now enter into force on October 28, 2022. The new Ministerial decree regulates fixed-odds betting on sporting and non-sporting events — excluding, however, horse racing — providing for … Read more

Italian gaming machines and ground-based betting concessions extended

By Valérie Peano As an early execution of the overall gambling-sector reorganization announced by the sub-secretary for the Italian Ministry of Finance in charge of gambling, the duration of all gaming machines and land-based betting concessions has been extended to 2023 and 2024, respectively, while the relevant tenders’ publication has been delayed. These tenders should … Read more

Gambling Reforms announced In Italy: Where From Here?

By Valérie Peano To help recover from the heavy impact of the pandemic on the gambling sector in Italy, the Italian Ministry of Finance’s sub-secretary in charge of gambling has announced significant gambling reforms to be undertaken in the next 12-18 months. Indeed, the lockdown measures resulting from the pandemic had a dramatic impact on … Read more

UNODC – Global Report on Sports Crimes

The United Nations – Office on Drugs and Crime has published on its website the first Global Report on Corruption in Sport in order to reveal the staggering scale, manifestation, and complexity of corruption and criminal networks in sport at international and national levels. Specifically, Section 9 of the Global Report evaluates illegal betting in … Read more

Italian regulator losing legal battles against remote gambling operators

These are definitely hard times for Italy’s Customs and Monopolies Agency (ADM), the gambling regulator. In recent past, the Administrative Court of Lazio has published a number of rulings, all in favour of the remote gambling licensees’ appeals, challenging the ADM’s position. The first legal battle worth mentioning is the one that confirmed an extension … Read more

Italy – Administrative Court Accepts Betfair Appeal

On April 14, 2021, the Administrative Court of Rome accepted the appeal of Betfair (Betfair Italia s.r.l.), thus voiding the part of the challenged Italian gambling Regulator’s notice that refers to betting exchange additional taxation, in order for the latter to issue a new notice that clarifies the grounds and preliminary information for the tax … Read more

Italy – Taxation on betting collection is nothing more than a display-of-wealth tax on bettors

During the first COVID-19 emergency period in Italy early in 2020, the Italian government introduced an additional 0.5% tax on sports and horse betting collection, as well as virtual betting and betting exchange, in order for the state to finance a fund dedicated to sports (notably: sports actors, sports amateur clubs and sports-competition organisers) – … Read more

Dalla lotteria degli scontrini al cashback, arrivano i giochi di Stato

Il Piano Italia Cashless è stato promosso dal Governo italiano allo scopo di incentivare un maggiore utilizzo di moneta elettronica nel nostro Paese. Esso si sostanzia in due iniziative degne di nota. La prima riguarda il c.d. Cashback nel quale l’utente aderente – debitamente registrato sulla relativa applicazione – può ottenere un “rimborso in denaro” … Read more

Multa a Google per la diffusione di gioco illegale

Pochi giorni fa l’AGCOM ha comminato alla Google Ireland Limited una sanzione di centomila euro, per la violazione delle disposizioni contenute nell’art. 9 del Decreto Dignità, che ha introdotto il divieto di pubblicità e di sponsorizzazione per giochi e scommesse con vincite di denaro nonché per il gioco d’azzardo. L’iniziativa AGCOM è estremamente significativa ed … Read more