Italy — Setting the scene for the online-gambling regulated market

The Italian Parliament has finally started the voting process on a bill defining the key pillars for the reorganization of the gambling sector, which will be implemented by the government via subsequent decrees. Since gambling is a state-reserved activity, one of these key pillars is the concession model for the gambling offer, together with the … Read more

Why is Italy afraid of online poker shared liquidity?

  At the end of January 2019, the online poker regulatory authorities of France, Portugal, and Spain released a public statement on the implementation of the agreement concerning online poker liquidity sharing that they signed on 6th July 2017. The fourth signatory to that agreement was the gambling authority of Italy. The purpose of the … Read more

Let’s wake up before gambling is treated like tobacco

Legal provisions adopted in Italy concerning gambling are quite worrying.

Currently, the Italian Senate is debating another increase of the fiscal levy rate for video lotteries (VLT) and amusement with prizes (AWP) machines (low stakes, low prizes). Under the current government, these gaming machines already had two tax increases: one in July 2018, with the ‘Dignity Decree’, in order to compensate for the loss of revenues expected because of the ban on gambling advertising and sponsorships; and a second one, in December, with the Budget Law for 2019….

Poker pooling liquidity: a little step towards a unique European online gambling market

The point of view of Carboni & Partners’s Giovanni Carboni is undoubtedly a privileged one. He is always going back and forth between State Monopolies and major gaming operators. This time, its contribution is even more important, given the sensibility and importance of the subject, both from a political and a technological point of view. … Read more

Gibraltar and the UK are a single EU member State for gambling services provision

Today’s EU Court of Justice ruling states that the provision of services by operators established in Gibraltar to persons established in the UK constitutes, as a matter of EU law, a situation confined in all respects within a single Member State. The case opposing the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association Limited v Commissioners for Her Majesty’s … Read more

Il punto sulla liquidità di poker condivisa: “che si parta tutti insieme”

La parola all’esperto, Giovanni Carboni che ha analizzato la liquidità condivisa per Gioco News: “Salto di qualità necessario ma processo lentissimo” “Un elemento fondamentale da tenere a mente per lo sviluppo prossimo del processo di regolamentazione della liquidità condivisa di poker e gioco online: che i Paesi partano tutti insieme con i primi tavoli condivisi … Read more

La regolazione degli operatori business to busines

Il modello regolatorio italiano del gioco online individua obblighi e responsabilità nel solo concessionario che intratiene il rapporto con il consumatore finale, anche se altri soggetti della filiera hanno ruoli determinanti su sicurezza e legalità. In altre giurisdizioni il legislatore regola e impone il possesso di un titolo autorizzatorio anche al provider di servizi di … Read more