Betting-odds errors: Italy activates regulator’s new system to allow correction

In October 2022, the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance’s decree that “refurbished” the 2006 fixed-odds betting regulation entered into force, bringing relevant improvements for betting.  The decree also introduced free-bet and bonus regulation and the possibility for a betting licensee to correct its odds’ errors. But both provisions were to be further implemented by … Read more

Fiera Enada Primavera 2024 workshops

Both EGLA Founding Partners among the speakers at Fiera Enada Primavera 2024 worshops: Giovanni Carboni to discuss the online gambling reform with Barbara Beltrami (Kindred), Salvatore Vullo (Kogem), Stefano Sbordoni (Sbordoni&Partners), Riccardo Sozzi (Streetweb) moderated by Fabio Felici (Agimeg) Valérie Peano to debate on the impact of betting within the sport industry with Barbara Beltrami … Read more

Gambling Reforms announced In Italy: Where From Here?

By Valérie Peano To help recover from the heavy impact of the pandemic on the gambling sector in Italy, the Italian Ministry of Finance’s sub-secretary in charge of gambling has announced significant gambling reforms to be undertaken in the next 12-18 months. Indeed, the lockdown measures resulting from the pandemic had a dramatic impact on … Read more

UNODC – Global Report on Sports Crimes

The United Nations – Office on Drugs and Crime has published on its website the first Global Report on Corruption in Sport in order to reveal the staggering scale, manifestation, and complexity of corruption and criminal networks in sport at international and national levels. Specifically, Section 9 of the Global Report evaluates illegal betting in … Read more