Italy’s first move towards the regulation of remote gambling B2B operators

The Italian Government has just issued the Fiscal Law Decree, which is intended to introduce new fiscal measures jointly with the Budget bill for 2020.

Not surprisingly, fiscal measures on gambling have also been introduced. One of these has, however, attracted greater attention since it introduces compulsory registration into an official unique Register for all gambling operators active in Italy. This registration is compulsory not only for all gambling licensees but also for any other related operators active in the offline and online gambling offer, including the holders of remote gambling accounts toping-up points of sales and the producers of remote gambling platforms.

Interestingly, the Fiscal Law Decree also refers, generically, to any other person who carries out any functional activity related to gambling collection. The aim of this compulsory listing into an official Register – until now limited to the gaming machines licensees and resellers – is to combat the infiltration of organized crime in the gambling sector and the spread of illegal gambling, as well as to pursue a rational arrangement of gambling in Italy.

In order to get registered, the Italian Gambling Authority (ADM) will verify for each applicant the holding of national Public security licenses, authorizations, and licenses, as well as the relevant anti-mafia certifications set forth by current legislation. The registration will also be subject to the payment of an annual amount specified for each different category.

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